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Although you likely schedule an appointment when you suspect something’s wrong, when’s the last time you saw a doctor to prevent something from going wrong? The best way to ensure longevity and health is to prevent disease early, and the single most effective way to do so is to see your primary care provider for a physical exam every year. The proactive team at Premier Medical Group take pride in putting your health and wellness first through customized preventive medicine. To schedule your annual physical in the Bakersfield, California, area, contact Premier Medical Group today or book your appointment online.

Physical Exam Q & A

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What can I expect during my physical exam?

When you first arrive for your physical, a receptionist checks you in and has you complete some forms required for treatment.

After a brief wait, a nurse calls you back to the exam room. There, they take your vital signs and review your personal and family medical history with you, as well as confirm the medications you’re taking.

Following these steps, your primary care provider performs a thorough physical examination and reviews your medical history and current health. Based on the information they gather, they may order further preventive or diagnostic tests. If any new or changed diagnoses are uncovered, they then establish a treatment plan.

Do I need a physical exam if I feel fine?

Yes. Physicals are designed to identify and minimize risk factors that make you more prone to life-limiting diseases, as well as detect serious diseases like cancer or heart disease early.

When you schedule an annual physical, you’re giving your health and wellness the attention they need by addressing problems at the best time possible: Before they occur or become life-threatening.

How often should I schedule a physical exam?

Physicals are recommended once per year, but you should follow your doctor’s recommendations about further care and testing.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a physical?

Most standard policies (not major medical policies) cover physicals at a higher rate than office visits, and many even cover the complete cost with no copayment or coinsurance.

Every insurance policy has its own set of coverage rates and limits, so it’s important that you contact your insurance policy provider to ensure they cover your annual physical. To learn more about your coverage, call the number on the back of your insurance card prior to your appointment.

Do I have to schedule my physical in advance?

To provide you with ample time and attention, Premier Medical Group requires that physicals are scheduled in advance.

The providers at Premier Medical Group believe in dedicating their best time and energy to your physical. They strive to ensure that the examination, screening, and discussion are thorough and complete and that they answer all of your questions.

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